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Posting for Website Manager, IOHA Website

Website Manager, IOHA Website

Job Description and Duties

The International Oral History Association (IOHA) is a not-for-profit organization seeking a contracted, part-time freelance Website Manager to start in July 2021. The Website Manager of the International Oral History Association website ( will administer and manage the IOHA website content, take over the management of IOHA social media account, and serve as the primary point of contact. Working with a committee of volunteer editors, the Website Manager will help provide continuity and coordination that will directly contribute to the growth and sustainability of this collegial global network.


  • Paid contractor
  • Point of contact for all issues concerning the IOHA website working closely with the IOHA President and Council, and the IOHA website committee
  • Ex-officio member of the IOHA volunteer website committee to ensure continuity during committee transitions

Outline of Duties


  • Administrator of WordPress site, working collaboratively with host platform Lightbulb Digital (LD);
  • Point of contact to assist IOHA Council in communicating website needs and coordinating with LD.
  • Coordinator and overseer of all content on the website, to ensure its functionality, editorial flow, its reach to a global audience, and sustainability, working with volunteer editors on website committee. This includes:
    • Coordinating with the News and Events and Journal Editors on existing content workflows
    • Managing the content for all other areas. This work would include Book Reviews, Membership Database, and Resources
    • Uploading both planned and one-off content and/or selecting and training a lead volunteer coordinator upload content to website
    • Managing the membership database, currently in PaidMembershipsPro
    • Calendaring and managing other standard maintenance reviews of the website, e.g., running link breakage searches, troubleshooting issues encountered, working with Lightbulb Digital to monitor and plan for software and operating system upgrades.
    • Develop existing and new features of the site, in collaboration with the website committee and IOHA Council’s needs. Examples: Build an “Archives Section” of the site and develop a workflow for retiring outdated content
    • Re-develop the journal section of the site to accommodate today’s open access publishing needs and vision, and allow for increased visibility and reach across global audience
    • Manage and coordinate IOHA’s social media
    • Take a lead role in outlining IOHA’s social media policy and calendar. This could include adding or sunsetting accounts, recruiting a volunteer team, etc.

 Required Qualifications

  • Demonstrated advanced skills in WordPress administration
  • Demonstrated success in website-related project management
  • Strong communication and editorial skills

 Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with or interest in oral history
  • Demonstrated ability to manage bi-lingual content and interface with colleagues across languages

 Application Process

Interested and qualified applicants should submit to and

  • A cover letter that directly addresses their experience with the described roles, duties and qualifications, as well as their interest in this position
  • A current CV
  • A cost estimate to carry out the above work for one year, with the option of the position rolling over for a further 12 months