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IOHA Call for Nominations for 2021-2023 Council

Nominations for 2021-2023 IOHA Council

We would like inform you that the Nominating Committee consists of Mark Cave  Indira Chowdhury , and Alistair Thomson

The committee invites nominations for the positions of:


The President will lead, oversee, and represent the Association, internationally; call and chair all Council meetings, both online and face to face; prepare the agendas; write biannual reports; appoint, encourage and oversee the work of the various Council committees and provide assistance when requested or required; work closely with biennial Conference organizing committee; solicit regional proposals for the Biennial Conference; and work to insure the growth and well-being of the Association.


The two Vice-Presidents support the President in all matters regarding the Association; represent the Association internationally; and support development in all areas of work.  They may take on special projects or roles within the Council, depending on expertise.

Nine Regional Representatives

The nine regional representatives are elected to represent six different geographical regions, as stipulated in the Constitution. Each representative will participate actively in all Council meetings (virtual and face-to-face). They will also be asked to serve on council committees, and contribute to the IOHA website.