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Harmony and Disharmony:
Selections from the XXI IOHA Conference

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Words and Silences / Palabras y Silencios is the Digital Edition Journal of the International Oral History Association. It includes articles from a wide range of disciplines and is a means for the professional community to share projects and current trends of oral history from around the world.

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Recent Articles

“Smart Interview,” Technology and Solving the Challenges in an Interview

Samir Ketif & Saeideh Mahrami Independent Researchers, Iran

Noakhali Riots 1946: Personal Stories in Historical Memory

Parvez Rahaman Middle Tennessee State University, USA

Keynote 3: Accelerating Innovation: Discovery, Engagement, and Risk

Douglas A. Boyd Louis B. Nunn Center for Oral History University of Kentucky, USA

History, Orality, and the Construction of the German Girl Shrine Legend

Wang Shuqin Sandy National Archives of Singapore

Article Submissions

Words and Silences’ editorial team is interested in articles related to oral history methodology, practices, theory, and projects. Our goal is to provide a space for oral historians and oral history practitioners to share projects and current trends with the international community.