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The Brazilian Association of Oral History Training Course in Oral History 2nd semester of 2021

The Brazilian Association of Oral History is pleased to invite the entire community of researchers and researchers, professors and professors, students, and other interested and interested parties to its Training Course in Oral History, to be held throughout the 2nd semester of 2021.

The course aims to provide initial training for research in oral history, addressing its main methodological procedures, discussing its theoretical implications, addressing its ethical issues and highlighting the possible uses and applications of oral history.

The path begins with reflections on the conditions and characteristics of the emergence of oral history as a research method and its main theoretical and conceptual frameworks. It goes through the practical stages, which include the planning and elaboration of projects, the types of research in oral history, the care in relations with interviewees, the technical and technological dimensions of the research, its possibilities for analysis and textual treatment. Finally, we arrive at elements of archival treatment and the production of collections.

Structured in synchronous weekly classes (live and at a distance) and taught by some of the main Brazilian experts in the area, the course will also constitute a space for discussions on the challenges effectively encountered, in the dialogical practice of oral history, by its participants.