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Registration for the XXI International Oral History Association (IOHA) Virtual Conference, 23-27 August, 2021

Dear colleagues,

Warm greetings from the National Archives of Singapore, an institution of the National Library Board. We are pleased to announce that registration for the XXI International Oral History Association (IOHA) Virtual Conference, 23–27 August 2021, has begun. Details of the conference can be found here.

Originally scheduled to take place in 2020, the IOHA Conference was unfortunately postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. While we still cannot meet up physically, we look forward to your enthusiastic participation and insightful contributions to the exciting programme line-up that has been planned for you.

Oral history has grown tremendously around the world in recent times, aided by the availability of recording technologies, gaining institutional legitimacy and popular appeal. Our conference theme, Harmony & Disharmony: Bringing Together Many Voices, explores the diverse ways oral history is practiced, applied, and used. We hope the wide-ranging discussions on oral history will help us see the connections and disjunctions within the field, sparking new insights and connections.

Some of our programme highlights are keynote speeches from former head of the Oral History Centre, Singapore, Kwa Chong Guan, former president of the IOHA and Oral History Association of India, Indira Chowdhury and director of the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky Libraries, Douglas Boyd; a film screening by the Asian Film Archive; and a panel exploring COVID-19 as a catalyst for change in oral history. There will be workshops and paper, audiovisual and poster presentations from the international oral history community and much more.

We know our audience is spread across the world’s time zones, so we have scheduled three sessions across the day so everyone can tune in to at least one or two sessions comfortably and recorded sessions will be available to registered participants for a month after the conference.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years and hope that the conference will provide valuable resources for you to learn and grow in your own line of work.

Thank you.

Warm regards,

IOHA Conference 2021 Organising Committee