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Nominations for the next IOHA Council

Dear IOHA-member,
on behalf of the current council we would like to inform you that Don Ritchie ( and Pilar Dominguez Prats ( are on the Nomination Committee. You could write to them about your nominations for the next IOHA Council.
Kind regards.
The current Council.

D.1. Nominating Committee The Nominating Committee shall consist of the immediate Past President and two members of the Association appointed by the President, who are not currently serving on the Council. The names and email addresses of the Nominating Committee will be posted on the IOHA Website and in the biannual newsletters. The Nominating Committee shall invite and encourage nominations and present a slate of candidates to the membership three months prior to the General Meeting. Members who wish to self-nominate or nominate others in advance of the General Meeting should contact the Nominating Committee. This procedure will not preclude nominations (including self nominations) from the floor. The Nominating Committee will also take into account the bilingual needs and capacities of the Association in developing slates of candidates