New Oral History Handbook for Secondary School Teachers

This handbook is aimed at Secondary school teachers and intended to serve as a kick-start for the practice of oral history; it both acknowledges and celebrates the vast myriad of approaches and schools that have contributed to a burgeoning development of the field in the last decades. It is therefore not a recipe for a dinner with a set menu, but rather a starting point from which to add new ingredients, techniques and ideas. The origin of the arguments set forth here is nothing but the experience of the author after carrying out more than 100 interviews as part of various projects, as well as the fertile dialogue with other academics and oral history practitioners across the globe. I hope that the following guidelines and reflections are helpful for any interested in the practice of interviewing and archiving oral history sources, and that the position here presented can contribute to the successful development of many collaborative projects interested in the memory of the recent past.

Author: David Beorlegui Zarranz

Link to download the handbook (in Spanish):