Oral History and Space: About this issue

Words and Silences Editorial Team

Journal Issue:

In October 2020, which for many was a peak moment of the Covid-19 global pandemic, our editorial team pursued the idea of staying connected through moving forward with our planned issue, “Oral History and Space.”

A Call for Papers was distributed, with the goal of publishing the issue sometime in the summer or early fall of 2021. It is now a year beyond what we had hoped would be our publication date. Technical difficulties with our website, personal health issues and losses, and a transition of our all-volunteer team are the reasons for our delay. With much gratitude to the authors who submitted their articles and revisions and who have been beyond patient in awaiting publication; to our volunteer reviewers who took time to provide thoughtful commentary; and to all readers, we are finally in a position to begin publishing this volume. 

When we invited submissions around this theme, we invited a broad interpretation of “Oral History and Space.” Submissions represented many different regions, conceptions and experiences of time, underscoring the geographic diversity of our international oral history community, as well as a diversity in engagement with this theme. We hope that you find the articles that we are publishing in this issue as thought-provoking as we have.

Additional articles are in process, and we will be honoring our authors’ submissions by publishing those as soon as we can.

Thank you again to all who have contributed to this issue, and wish all readers and associates health and wellness.