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IOHA 2016 Conference Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of the IOHA 2016 Conference Newsletter. This student curated newsletter, a first for IOHA, aims to capture the spirit and essence of all five days (27th June – 1st July, 2016) of the conference through its various sections: Ear to the Ground, On Record, Rewind, Field Notes and Spotlight.

In a series of firsts, the conference, in addition to being hosted in Asia for the first time, includes film screenings and exhibitions grounded in oral histories, illustrating the potential of oral history to reach diverse audiences through a variety of mediums. The conference will provide Spanish
translations onscreen for the first time at the opening plenary. In a country where oral traditions permeate daily life, we celebrate the arrival of IOHA to India. The editorial team consisting of Nikhila, Pavithra, Shagun, Keerthi, Vaishnavi, Tapasya and Arpita wishes to continue in this vein and expect future firsts for this conference and for the field of oral history…