Call for Papers

Local and national memory policies: dialogue, competition, complementarity

16-17 November 2023

Mémorial de Caen (France) Université de Caen Normandie (France)

The aim of this conference is to try to identify, understand and analyze the exchanges and interactions between national and local memory policies. In this sense, we are interested in initiatives that take place within a legal framework sanctioned by one or more national or local authorities (the question of the influence of the “local” will be discussed). This does not exclude initiatives or actions that do not have the stamp of state approval, as we will also be interested in initiatives that do not obtain this approval or refuse it voluntarily. The aim is to see how these interactions contribute to the construction of a collective narrative about a violent past, to the circulation of memory(s) and to what extent they may have an impact on the national or local political game.

Deadline for proposals: 22 may 2023

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