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The Covid-19 pandemic struck at the heart of the international oral history community. What began as an informal email list of oral historians around the world concerned with the pandemic’s impact on the profession evolved into a Zoom discussion group to share on respective Covid-19 projects. Expanding through word-of-mouth, the group was eventually inscribed as an official subcommittee of the IOHA and also invited to participate in the IOHA Virtual Conference 2021 on a panel discussing COVID-19 as a catalyst for change in oral history.

The following list showcases Covid-related links by network members.

British Library – An overview of all the Library’s Covid Collecting

British Library – An open source database of testimony based projects on Covid in the UK, compiled by members of the BL oral history team

British Library – Covid stories

Covid-19 in the Memory of Czech Society

Documentando a experiência da Covid-19 no Rio Grande do Sul/ Brasil
Documenting the experience of Covid-19 in Rio Grande do Sul/ Brazil

The Empty Year: An Oral History of the Pandemic(s) of 2020 at UC Santa Cruz

From the Front Line: Narratives of the Covid-19 Pandemic in New Orleans

Global Health Chronicles – COVID-19

“(Im)permanências: História Oral, Mulheres e Envelhecimento na Pandemia”
(Im)permanences: Oral History, Women and Aging in the Pandemic

“Living with Covid-19 in SEA” project

NHS Voices of Covid-19

Oral History Centre, Singapore – Significant Events: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic Project

Platform #MemóriasCovid19

Universidad Complutense de Madrid – Madrid tras la pandemia. Una Historia Oral
Complutense University of Madrid – Madrid after the pandemic. An Oral History

Miembros de la IOHA debatiendo en la conferencia bienal.

Únase a la Asociación

La afiliación a la Asociación Internacional de Historia Oral está abierta a cualquier persona o institución que apoye nuestras metas y objetivos. Los beneficios incluyen:

Tarifas reducidas en las conferencias de la IOHA

Derecho de voto en las juntas generales y en las elecciones

Participación en una comunidad internacional de historiadores orales